A few simple rules will help you use the dishes properly.
Pottery ceramics without glaze is a porous material and well absorbs odors, it can be both a plus and a minus, so think ahead for what purpose you buy it.
After buying ceramic dishes, you need to wash it in warm water and wipe it so that there is no moisture left in it. It is undesirable to wash the ceramics with very hot water, this leads to a gradual loss of color of the product, for the same reason it is undesirable to wash the ceramics in the dishwasher. In addition, modern dishwashing detergents often have a strong aroma, so it is quite possible to replace them with neutral ones or just with soda or mustard. This is how grandmother's kitchenware recipes are reopened without harm to the health and the environment.
Ceramics between uses, it is desirable to dry well. If you have water all day in a jug, then it is advisable to pour it out overnight and dry the jug thoroughly. As a preventive measure, about once a month, you can ignite the dishes in the oven at the maximum temperature.
It is advisable to immediately wash the dishes after use and not to leave food residues in it for a long time, because of the porous structure, they can stick to it and you will have to make efforts to wash them.
Try not to scratch the coating of ceramic dishes. Do not expose ceramic dishes to sudden temperature changes. No need to throw products from a refrigerator or freezer into a ceramic dish, immediately setting it on fire. Also, after cooking, you need to give the ceramic pot some time to cool it down and only after that you can start washing it. In no case do not leave ceramic dishes on the fire, if there is nothing in it, it can cause mechanical destruction. When cooking, try to cook at a moderate temperature, not frying, and draining the contents of ceramic dishes.