Pros and cons of ceramic tableware
We will consider the main pros and cons of ceramic tableware that every hostess needs to know about.
Pros of ceramic dishes
  • Ceramic products do not react with food, do not emit hazardous substances and do not enrich food with metals - high-quality ceramics are safer than any other tableware.
  • Ceramic dishes like a thermos for a long time retains heat or cool food and drinks.
  • Due to the porous structure, ceramic cooking utensils slowly and evenly warm up and absorb moisture, giving it to the food during the cooking process: the dish is not stewed or fried, but languishes, which gives it a special taste and aroma. In addition, the food does not burn.
  • Storing household supplies, especially cereals, in ceramic dishes will save them from spoilage and the "pets" establishment.
Cons of ceramic dishes
  • Ceramic cookware is fragile.
  • Ceramics is afraid of sudden changes in temperature - it may crack.
  • Ceramic dishes absorb not only water, but also grease and odors - they are not easy to wash