Caring for ceramic dishes
Pros and cons of ceramic dishes cause the nuances of washing products. Cleaning of ceramic dishes is done manually or in a dishwasher. But not all ceramics will withstand automatic washing, so if the manufacturer does not declare such an opportunity, it is better to take care of yourself and wash especially fragile items with your hands. Detergents are allowed, but metal wool and other scratching items are not. Damage the surface.
If you do not wipe well and do not leave the unglazed ceramics to dry in the open form, the water will remain in the pores and the next use of the pot may crack. And if you do not dry plus cover, the product will "suffocate", so dry the dishes without glaze no less carefully than you wash. However, everything is fixable: to rid ceramic utensils from unpleasant odors, it is soaked in salted water.