Types of pottery
  • Many manufacturers, taking into account all this variety of ceramics utilities, began to produce more and more new products as if from a cornucopia. So in our everyday life entered the old pots and Krynka, the current cauldrons and pans, baking molds, tureens, tea accessories, Turks, pots and much more.
  • Porcelain dishes are created on the basis of white clay. Such products are thin and elegant, aesthetic and incredibly durable, despite the apparent fragility. They have an amazing heat resistance, heat resistance, keeping heat or cool for a long time. As a rule, tea, coffee and dinner sets are made from such material.
  • Cookware from faience also has the "roots" of white clay, but the strength of such products is much inferior to porcelain, although such plates and cups look much more powerful than their predecessor. In addition, earthenware differs in porosity, which is reflected in "sticky" odors