Advantages of Yin Clay Products
  • Let's look at the interesting properties of this material on the example of a kettle made from this material. First of all, the Isinian kettle retains heat for a long time. The tea leaf warms up better, therefore, the infusion will be more saturated, fragrant and tasty. The kettle is designed so that its handle does not heat up. This makes the use of the Isinian kettle even more comfortable. Due to its porosity, Isa clay is able to absorb the aroma of tea and give it away later. If you drink different teas, it is recommended to purchase a separate kettle for each class. With each brew, tea becomes more aromatic, its taste is revealed more fully. If you boil in a Yinsky teapot, which has been in operation for a long time, plain water, it is guaranteed to acquire a light taste of a tea drink.